We Skylark Soft Ltd is specialized on garments software since 2012. We have gained customer value with service and proper support these years. Our overall conception is emphasized between Garment industry and buyer which shows there is a presence of imbalance in production. We Explored and evaluated the priorities of customer requirements to specify the importance of quantity in apparel industry to meet production requirements.

Our productivity is very low. We are producing goods by 40% efficiency only. Recent study shows that Bangladesh hold 2nd position in market share which is only 6.5% and China hold the first position in market share but their productivity is 65%. So, this clearly indicates that our productivity is lagging behind from China by 25% efficiency.

What could be the reason of less productivity? Basically the reason is less integration with technology in RMG sectors, lack of skilled manpower, Information gap, decision making and fake production. The user requirements to increase production are to:

  • Deliver on time by ensuring higher quality of products.
  • Competitive price of apparel goods, safety of products,
  • Quick response from the apparel manufacturer,
  • Short lead time in manufacturing.

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