First Bangladeshi Production Tracking Solution For Garments

Real-time production tracking system PROTRACKER is the first Bangladeshi software for ready-made garments industries.

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Real-time production tracking system PROTRACKER is the first Bangladeshi software for ready-made garments industries. A professional & skilled team of Skylark Soft Limited developed this. PROTRACKER is a fully customizable system for the apparel industry. That manages the entire production process from getting order details to production. From shipping to invoicing can be integrated with the management software.


RealTime Production Tracking System

The garments sector is the most revenue-generating source in Bangladesh. Lots of people are working in the garments sector. It is presenting Bangladesh to the next level. Now all garments are focusing on automation. They are trying to increase production with a minimum cost. Any automation always reduces hands, time, and cost. And PROTRACKER is that kind of software that reduces extra hands, time, and cost.


Modules / Droplets

  • Order Management
  • Cutting Droplets
  • Embellishment Droplets
  • Input Droplets
  • Sewing Droplet
  • Finishing Droplet
  • Work Study/IE
  • Skill Matrix
  • MIS Report

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RealTime Garments Production Tracking System

From Cutting

an operator only inserts order information like a buyer, order, color, size, etc. After receiving a lay chart from the cutting table, he generates barcode enabled bundle card. After printing the bundle card, he binds this bundle card to the fabric bundle. All kinds of the report will auto-generate. No manual works are needed. After that, QC Inspectors check that and send it to cut inventory/sewing input.

One Operator

scan bundles to send print/embroidery factory through automated challan/gate pass. After finishing the process in the print/embroidery factory, he receives it through the scan. He put rejection quantity if he gets any rejection from the print factory. Finally, all rejection reports will generate as usual. The operator can send solid or printed garments to the individual line.


successfully automates all levels of garments from cutting to finishing with software for real-time production tracking. In a word, it is a real-time production tracking system for garments. The managing director of Skylark Soft Ltd. Mr. BM Shorif said that since 2016, PROTRACKER has been successfully operating in 90 garment factories. As like domestic Garments Group Mondol Group, GMS Composite Knitting Industries Limited, and a foreign company as Saturn Textile.

Skylark Soft Limited

started its journey in 2012 with only four manpower but now we have 70+ manpower. Many countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Ethiopia are now doing well in the garment industry. Using Skylark’s PROTRACKER saves fabrics, time, and manpower increases efficiency and makes it possible to achieve the desired production target. BM Sharif did not want to stop just by tracking production.

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