Merchandising is the promotion of goods that are available for both wholesale and retail sales. These include marketing strategies, display design, and discount offers. Merchandising includes the determination of quantities, setting prices for goods, creating display designs, developing marketing strategies, and establishing discounts or coupons. More broadly, merchandising may refer to retail sales itself: the provision of goods to end-user consumers.

Cycles of merchandising are specific to cultures and climates. These cycles may accommodate school schedules and incorporate regional and seasonal holidays, as well as the predicted impact of weather. Merchandising can take on different and more specific definitions in regard to different aspects of retail sales. For example, in marketing, merchandising can refer to the use of one product, image, or brand to sell another product, image, or brand.

Who is a Garment Merchandiser?

Garment merchandiser is like a bridge between the buyer and the industry. He has to look after every job like buying the raw materials which are required to finish the product, making the garment, finishing the garment, preparing documentation, and finally shipping. Actually, he is the main responsible person to make the product timely. As its importance, this article has presented a vast discussion on the roles and responsibilities of a merchandiser.

Evaluation of merchandiser in garments:

The concept of the term “Merchandising” can be traced dated back to the early historic period when the emergence of trade between the countries. There are numerous notes about the existence and evolution of trade between the bigger civilizations in those periods like Greek, Roman, Indian, Chinese, and Egypt. But during those days the meaning of the term merchandising was confined merely to the exchange of materials or commodities which were availed from nature or produced from nature and were not manufactured for specific purposes or specific customers. There was an exchange of materials that fulfills the basic needs of living like commodities, live stocks, textiles, and luxurious items like gold diamonds, precious stones, etc. In earlier days the production of goods was home-based and family-oriented which were not mass-produced. In the industrial period, home production was replaced by the factory system,s and hand operations were replaced by machines. Mass productions were followed by large-scale consumption.

The main responsibilities of merchandisers:

  • Internal & external communication

  • Sampling

  • Lab dips

  • Accessories & trims

  • Preparing internal order sheets

  • Taking responsibility for inspections and shipment

  • Preparing purchase orders

  • Advising and assisting production

  • Advising quality department about quality level

  • Mediating production and quality departments

  • Giving shipping instructions and following shipping

  • Helping documentation department

Process flow chart of apparel or garments merchandising:

Order received from the Buyer with details

Sample Development

Price negotiation with the Buyer

Confirmation of order and receiving the order sheet

Make buyer requirement sample (Fit, Proto, etc.) for approva

Make requisition for bulk fabric

Make requisition for accessories

Swatch board making and approval

Raw material collection and also receive it in factory

Check and also listing

Make P.P (pre-production Sample) with all actual

Pre-production meeting

Start bulk production

Collect daily production and quality report

Make online inspection by strong quality team



Sample sent to third party testing center

Make final inspection for bulk production


Send all documents to the Buyer

Receive payment from Bank

Merchandising is the department that mediates the marketing and production departments. Sometimes, merchandising department will have to do costing and pricing also. In any case, the merchandiser is the person whose responsibility is to execute the orders perfectly as per the costing and pricing. So, it is a very valuable department.


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