10 Real-Life Examples of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the next most significant achievement of technology in this decade in the world. It allows you to see everything around you in 3D. Augmented reality is a technology that blends digital images, sounds, and data with the natural world to create a sense of realism. In this blog post, you will enjoy ten real-life examples of augmented reality.
It is said that augmented reality connects a useless object to real life. That is to say, It blends the physical and objective world with digital information. With the rapid growth of this technology, brands are moving towards these trends for operation.

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The history of augmented is a little bit past. It started with lots of excitement in 2017 & continuously grown till now. Some brands like Pokémon Go, Facebook, and Snapchat are using AR technology in their app. Google Tango Glass is sending users’ physical locations into the digital realm. Let’s start with a simple overview of what AR would look like in the early stage. In addition, Pokemon Go started as a fun little game but has grown in popularity among people, that hardly any place is found without the game’s logo.

The impact is such that humans can visualize those in a new way or change you see the world previously. It is now applicable in a different context. The world is evolving with technology and bringing innovations like AR.

The term “augmented reality” was coined in 1968 by futurist Jaron Lanier, who saw it as a way to make computers more personal, intuitive, and interactive.

Augmented reality was first developed in the 1980s by Louis Pouzin and Jacques Dubois, who created the first head-mounted display system called “The Land of Me.”

In 1995, Microsoft released its system called “the Sword of Damocles,” which used a small screen attached to a headset worn by the user. This instrument allowed them to see virtual objects overlaid on top of their view of the real world.

In 1999, Google released its first version of augmented reality technology with its market-leading mobile phone platform: Android.

In 1999 and 2000, Apple released the iPhone and iPod Touch (iOS) systems. These devices were much smaller than previous head-mounted displays but still provided plenty of power for augmented reality applications at this time.

Augmented Reality: What Is It?

Augmented reality is used through software and runs on smartphones. In other words,  AR applications are now ubiquitous, with smartphone apps. 

Augmented reality can be visualized through mobile apps. It can appaer yo you a real life view when you hold smartphone that has installed a particular Augmented reality app on paper of pictures like a human heart, neuron, or skeleton. you can imagine the 3d model’s view of those hearts, neurons, or skeletons. It’s just like with augmented reality, 3D models jump off the screen and into the real world. In fact, after pressing that 3d view, a related video based on that topic is a good idea.

Examples Of Augmented Reality

From video games to medicine, there are numerous practical scenarios of  AR that we see.Of that demand art, world & artists are increasing. particularly targeting industries like medical, health, entertainment, gaming, and much more. Not only that, museums are increasingly turning to this technology to enhance their exhibits.

The examples of augmented reality are endless, including:

  • You can look at your phone while driving, and it will show you exactly where a car is about your own vehicle so that you can turn safely and not hit any vehicle
  • You can look at a map of any location and get accurate directions to that place from anywhere else on the planet (without having to do any research!)
  • You can look at something that has no realistic form and see how it would look if it were real instead of just static images (like seeing how an apple would look as a house)
  •  In the workplace, Augmented-reality can bring a new outlook, where it can help employees make better decisions. For example, an employee sitting at a desk could see information about their work environment projected onto their computer screen. As a result, they can get an explanation of why an employee falling trouble concentrating on work tasks.
  •  Medical professionals can also take the advantage of Augmented reality to improve patient care and education. Augmented reality can help doctors view x-rays more clearly by projecting them onto the walls of operating rooms and examining rooms while they perform procedures. In addition, patients might benefit from seeing images of signs of illness like, blood clots or tumors.It helps to visiblily without the need for invasive procedures like CT scans or MRIs.
  • It is a proven matter that augmented reality has helped tremendously to improve a student’s test scores by giving students a hands-on way to practice the material covered on tests previously administered by teachers/professors
  • augmented reality can help you better understand your surroundings by providing information about the world around you. Imagine walking down the street and suddenly seeing a sign for a nearby restaurant appear in front of you—you can see the menu on its sign or even see into the restaurant itself!
  • You can use augmented reality to play virtual games while out and about, which might be fun if you’re bored of playing games on your phone or watching videos on YouTube all day long!
  • Augmented reality can also be used as a tool for education—you could use it during classes or lectures to display diagrams or other visual aids for teaching purposes.
  • AR technology has already had a significant impact on smart warehouse management system 
  • The most popular use case for augmented reality today is gaming. Games like Pokemon Go have shown how fun and engaging augmented reality can be when combined with gameplay mechanics such as catching Pokemon or shooting hoops in the real world!

We’re all about the future, and we know that it’s going to be a great one. But what if you could live in the future right now? What if you could see what your future self will look like, and even help make it happen?

That’s where augmented reality comes in. With augmented reality, you can explore the world around you without ever leaving your living room or office. You’ll never have to go outside again!

Augmented reality is also great for business people who want to see how their products will look when they’re out in the real world. You can even use it on your smartphone while driving!

And did we mention that it’s free?

Augmented reality can experience you with funny or even teenage memory. Like, What would happen to win the game? what dinosaurs would look like if they were still alive? What about the possibility of walking on Mars if it was possible?

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